Mission Statement

Planet Opportunity is a multi-national company that strives to impact positively our employees, business partners, and independent enterprise professionals by providing the products, services, and training systems that help people reach around the globe to build successful home-based businesses.

Values Driven Performance

Our Corporate Values

1. We will craft positive relationships, keeping fairness and ethical responsibility at the front of our minds during all interactions. 

2. We will build and maintain a profitable company, primarily by helping others build successful businesses. 

3. We will foster a culture of continuous improvement. 

4. We will create a habit of constantly promoting excellence in the physical, mental, emotional, and financial areas of the lives of our employees, partners, customers, and representatives. 

5. We will constantly provide opportunity for growth and improvement for our employees and business representatives. 

6. We will promote community involvement through the areas of giving, association, and service. 

7. We will consistently and persistently strive to develop our own personal natural resources, as well as those of the people with whom we interact.

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