Business Services

Expand your Sales Channels

Don't limit yourself. Learning to serve the needs of businesses opens avenues to greater sales. Learn the Planet Opportunity offerings available to you, and tailor your own program for building more revenue.

Daily & Business Travel

Offering our online booking tools, with our specialty rates and wide variety, will help businesses be where they need to be while getting the most out of their travel budget. Your growing expertise in the travel industry will help you expand into a full service agency for your clients.

MICE Travel

Businesses are learning that team-building is a vital component to employee engagement and performance. By combining our travel options with the seminars and training available through our partners, you can build your Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events portfolio.

Organization Training

Every business can be more efficient. Much of the training library is available for external sales. Additionally, on-site live training can be arranged for your clients, as well.

Individual Development

Many companies have personal and professional development reimbursement programs for their employees. And if they don't have one yet, you can design one for them!

I can do that!

Taking the Planet Opportunity offerings and adding your personal touch to design your campaigns - Highly Effective!