Networking - Be You & SHINE!


Personal connections are the most influential sales channels in the world. We offer you products and services you'll be proud to share with your circle of friends, acquaintances and contacts.

You Already Have a Network!

Your circle is your business foundation! Social media, professional associations, sports leagues, and recreational & leisure groups. You already have great things in common, and they'll support you as you serve their needs.

We Help You Grow

We'll show you how to turn your personal connections into professional affiliates and customers. Your reputation for service and success will help you expand your business and extend your influence.

Networking Tools for your BUsiness

Start-up Plan

We'll show you how to take stock of your current networking assets, and transition them for use in building your business.

Detailed Training

Videos, docs, and one-on-one training will help you establish the the right networking tools, set the proper stanards for content and connections, and target your audience for delivering your message.

Marketing Campaigns

You have the chance to take part in campaigns, and you can roll with standard content, or add your own flair before sending on to your contacts.

Website Personalization

Your professional websites come ready to use - for sales and recruiting -  but you can personalize them with your specialized images and content if you choose. 

Social Media

Connect with POpp social, and establish your own. We'll show you how to do it right, and leverage for business.

Industry Leading CRM

Great business is about serving needs, and serving needs means being organized, informed, knowledgeable. Our CRM dashboards help you track customers, recruits, sales, and training. They even prompt you with marketing suggestions and nudge you when you need to connect!