A Planet Opportunity business at work

Personal Use

As a POpp IEP, you have access to exclusive travel arrangements & world-class personal development training at discounted rates. You can be your own best customer!

Client Sales

We strive to include products and services in our portfolio that set you apart as you serve your clients. We provide education, marketing materials, and sales tools, to help you grow your business.


Don't limit your earnings! With a POpp  business, you earn commissions on your sales, as well as bonuses based on sales volume created by you AND your team.

Travel Products

We exclusively partner with an industry leader to give our IEPs every advantage in developing a solid sales foundation in travel - the largest specialty consumer industry in the world!

Training & Development

Nearly 30 years of experience go into our programs and those of our partners, It's challenging, exciting, motivational, and transforming! Personal and professional programs are available.

Business Services

We love to promote success. Regardless of the size, industry, or focus of the business, we have services that can help them grow, be more efficient, and engage emplohees and customers more effectively.