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Build Your Business Foundation

We get you started and continue to stand by you! From CRM apps and web dashboards to using your social media and associations to build a network, we've got you covered. Your membership covers the docs, videos, tools and 24/7 support you need to establish your business and get busy growing!

Take Your Business to Great Heights

Our Advanced Training Academy offers the chance to learn the techniques to help your business thrive. We team with industry leaders and organizational experts to develop lessons and programs that match your desire to learn and grow. 

Develop Training Sales Channels

Take the training that is effective for you and your team, and turn it into a complimentary sales channel. Nearly everyone has the desire to improve aspects of their personal and professional lives. We offer programs which combine motivation, inspiration, and practical teaching to effect great change.

Training Content Categories

Planet Opp Business

We back up our Key Principles with timeless, direct, and worthwhile teaching, giving you a library of resources at your disposal to maximize your profitability.

Travel Sales

You have access to a myriad of resources to learn the tools for selling travel. In addition to basic sales, you also can gain expertise and specialize in nearly any niche in the industry.

Business Development

It's not just about your network. It's about serving their needs. We offer a multitude of lessons on recruiting, marketing, and effectively cultivating sales.


Building a new business can be scary. We deliver success stories you can relate to, as well as teachings from lessons throughout history. You'll gain in confidence and perspective with each session.

Personal Improvement

Attaining goals, overcoming faults, building strengths, and finding your passion. You may have an idea of what needs to improve, but we give you clear and direct instruction for becoming your own success story.

Organizations and Teams

You aren't in this alone. We teach how to find mentors in the business for your own development. We also share principles of leadership and motivation for you to put into practice in building those around you.

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